Owning Your Resume

Your resume is a written compilation of your education, experience, credentials and accomplishments that will either get you that interview or a quick glance and a toss. Your resume is a written display of yourself in both content and appearance. You may be highly qualified for the position, but if your resume lacks professionalism you will not be taken seriously. Every detail from size of font to structure of sections reflects upon yourself. If you use a nonprofessional email address or have inconsistent spacing, an employer will notice your lack of attention to detail. Your resume is a first impression of yourself.

Alpha Kappa Psi teaches the importance of proper resume writing and why the details of your resume matter so much. Know every aspect of what is on your resume and be able to explain it in an interview. If you cannot explain why you received that award and why it is significant - get rid of it or find out more. Owning your resume is taking charge of how you present yourself. Be confident. Take the time. Know your audience and yourself. Your resume is YOU


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