AKPsi Yellow Rose Banquet

School's out! The academic year at WWU has come to a close, and members of AKPsi are graduating or transitioning into their summer plans. In celebration of the year's achievements, we held our first annual Yellow Rose Banquet! Brothers, alumni, and executives were in attendance, presenting a great opportunity for Omega Beta's past and present to connect. 

In our most active year to date, there were a lot of congratulations to go around. Amanda Poch received a Distinguished Service Award for her role in establishing Omega Beta as a legitimate chapter in the region! Harper Ellison received a Distinguished Service Award for her work on various fundraising events, especially the phenomenally successful Omega Beta Silent Auction in March.

Ali Olson and Nicole Williams earned Outstanding Chapter Leader awards for their work in brotherhood and social development. Teri Schomer also earned an OCL for her work in professional development. Harper also received the Brother of the Year award recognizing her outstanding individual contributions to the chapter! 

Turning our attention to the summer, Omega Beta members look to continue their professional development, and maybe soak up a little sun in the process. With Brothers dispersing far and wide for a variety of jobs and internships, we do so with the core principles of AKPsi in mind; we try to contribute to brotherhood, unity, service, integrity, and knowledge wherever we go! 

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