Features Overview

Omega Beta greatly values creating and attending events from leading professional workshops to hosting auctions benefiting local organizations. Working together and being involved is an important component of our chapter. We always support each other in all events that we are involved in. We create a sense of community in all ventures we partake in. Here is recent news that has made its way across Omega Beta  


Omega beta x seattle sounders

In October Omega Beta went to Seattle as a chapter to root for the Seattle Sounders playing F.C Dallas. Our new head of Brotherhood, Ericka Bawcutt, scheduled the event with premiere seating and reduced fees.  


WElcoming the fall 2017 pledge class

The students of the Upsilon Pledge Class have been chosen out of many applications sent to Omega Beta for the Fall Quarter pledge process. The process will last until early December when they may be announced as new brothers. 


Starting the year off

Another September marks another school year at Western Washington University. Omega Beta was there to greet the incoming Freshman at the annual Information Fair. This is a big opportunity for new students to learn more about the organizations at WWU, and even a head start for potential pledges to meet some brothers.